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Kidzone is a fun activity- based program where kids are welcomed into an atmosphere of creativity, worship and faith building.

It is a safe space where children can come, build new friends and grow in their relationship with God.

Our team aspires to recognize and nurture the unique talents and gifts of each individual child and acknowledge that we can be creative in the worship of our Heavenly Father through song, art, reading and activity.

So, kids we invite you to bring your friends and join us here at kidzone.

When: Kidzone takes place on the first Sabbath of each month and runs concurrently with our weekly worship service. Parents are invited to sign their children into Kidzone after a short period of family worship in the main church service and then return to sign them out at the end of the service. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please contact Crystal Taylor:

ph: 0407 991 314


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