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Who Are We?

Nunawading church is a faith-based community of Seventh-day Adventist Christian people. We love God with all our hearts, we cherish His Word and we live life based on the hope we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We aspire to reveal God's love to all and to share life together, caring and supporting each other.

Our life is a journey shaped daily in the steps of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible. Transformation occurs and our faith is deepened as we surrender our will, allowing God to mould us, recognising that we worship a God who has no limits!  We are all pursuing a loving, personal relationship with God and we want to share that love with others. We believe the Bible to be the true and inspired word of God, cover to cover, and are passionate about sharing Bible truth with other seekers.


We meet together to worship on Saturdays. We choose healthy lifestyles. We value family and we believe that God has a plan for every one of us. 

We Believe

In revealing God through united Christ-centred worship, biblical personal spiritual growth and service to others.






LOVE IN  We value personal Christianity. Individual faith growth is important. We accept God as our Saviour. We value studying God’s Word.

LOVE OUT  We value missional Christianity. We live out our love of God by serving others. We share and introduce God to others we meet. We aim to bless others in their faith, life, health and well-being.

LOVE UP  We value worshipful Christianity. Individual worship to God is important. Corporate worship to God is important. We share together in worship of God. We give gifts to God as an act of worship.

Our Core Values

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