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10 Days of Prayer Resources

Here is the link for the daily prayer reading starting from Thursday 14th October:


DAY 1 Jesus' Most Precious Gift

DAY 2 Grasping the Gift

DAY 3 Surrender is the Key

DAY 4 Putting Revival Into Practice

DAY 5 Spiritual or Carnal: What's the Difference?

DAY 6 God's Solution to Our Struggle

DAY 7 Praying God's Promises

DAY 8 Obedience Through Jesus

DAY 9 Do I Work For God — Or Does He Work Through Me?

DAY 10 Seeking Revival Together

If you can find 15 minutes please join the daily zoom meetings hosted by the elders, prayer team, and pastors, for a Bible text and prayer. 
October 14 - Thu 7:00pm  

October 15 - Fri    8:00pm  

October 16 - Sat   4:00pm      

October 17 - Sun  9:00pm

October 18 - Mon 6:00am  

October 19 - Tue   12:00pm              

October 20 - Wed  7:00pm          

October 21 - Thu   6:00am

October 22 - Fri     12:00pm

October 23 - Sat     7:30pm

Zoom link:

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