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Prophecy Series


People are wondering whether COVID-19 and continued wars are indicators of the end

times, what do you think? Listen as we delve into big topics like, conspiracy vs prophecy,

aliens, microchips, spirituality in isolation, life after death, Armageddon and

how you can have peace in this mixed up world.


This 11 week seminar is now streamed online via the links below.

Click on each 'part' to take you to the youtube stream. 

Program Topics

Part 1 – Conspiracy Vs Prophecy

Part 2 - Why Does God Allow Covid-19?

Part 3 - The New Normal & When Is This Going To End?

Part 4 – Are You Okay?

Part 5 -  Increasing Violence & Our Lawless World

Part 6 – 24/7 & The Forgotten Rest

Part 7 – Visitation by Aliens

Part 8 - The Beast’s Microchip?

Part 9  – Reincarnation, Resurrection and What Happens When You Die?

Part 10 – Spirituality In Isolation to Judge or Be Judged

Part 11  – Armageddon & How Will It All End?

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